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Sanfine International Hospital – Visiting Notify


Welcome to Sanfine international Hospital. In order to make you have a wonderful tour in our hospital, please read the following sentences:

1、Pleaseregister and obtain a visitor badge at the information desk.


2、For the health of you and others,your are not suggested to postpone the tour if you have such symptoms, like fever, cough, vomiting or diarrhea.

3、Please keep your voice lower in the patient area.


 4、In order to protect patient privacy, Please don’t take the photo.

 5、No smoking in the building, there is a designate smoking area in the parking lot.


 6、Please follow the tour guide, and do not enter the rooms only if get permission.



 7、Should you have any suggestions or advice to our hospital, feel free to let us know.


Wish you enjoy the tour in our Hospital.

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