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Humanized design in Sanfine hospital 


Sanfine hospital was forged by a group of professional Italian designers. The collocation of soft and lively colors endows the environment with more humanization and less anxiety. 


Clinic,examination and pharmacy are distributed appropriately in order to lessen the inconvenience and shorten the unnecessary movement for patients. 

(Doctor’s Clinic room in Sanfine hospital)


(Rest area in Sanfine Hospital) 

(Pharmacy in Sanfine hospital) 

There is an area specially prepared for children to have fun in pediatrics and dentistry.



The hospital units in Sanfine adopted the concept of ‘2020 hospital unit’ which was jointly forged by Du Pont Company and MIT General Hospital in United States. Our unit was decorated using advanced Corian material with seamless splicing provided by Du Pont Company, to maximumly reduce the juncture or dead space which might lead to the issues like disinfection and infection. The digital remote-control lighting will be put to use in hospital’s unit and provide a warm environment to the patients not just limited during the time of doctor’s inpatient checking period. 


International medical environment


A strict access control system in Sanfine Hospital enhanced the patients’ confidentiality. It’s well-equipped with non-wash of hands sterilization for each floor as well as the clean maintainance facilities can be seen every corner in Sanfine. Additionally, there is automatic external defibrillator (AED) on each floor in order to ensure the first-aid and rescue measurement coud execute smoothly. 


In Sanfine hospital, the Gradeclean auxiliary space(local 1000)  and  Grade clean operating room (local 100000) are both equipped with AMTAI operating bed and NUVO(LED) Astral light made in the U.S, as well as German DRAGER Anesthesia Machine and PHILPS monitor and other state-of-the-art techonologies. 

First-class medical facilities

Lab:  All the examination machines in Sanfine Hospital were bought from high-quality brands in the industry: the Roche automatic biochemical analyzer, the Roche immune analyzer, the Sysmex1000i blood-cell counter etc. 


Conventional x-ray examination: GE Definium 6000 III X-ray machine has not only solved the problem of the complex position projection, but also can be much direction projections at any angle and position. It makes the inspection more targeted and integrity. The X-ray machine has a wide ISO range, and reduces about 20% to 30% the radiation dose, and which should be more safe.

CT examination:  Precious stones energy spectrum CT made by American GE company can process whole body high-resolution computed tomography (CT) scanning, at the same time of guarantee high definition, reducing the scanning dose, having a spectral imaging and volume screw shuttle technology, being equivalent to dynamic 500 rows.Gemstone CT is faster, clearer and safer than common CT. In addition to the conventional CT and enhancement scan, but also can make the cardiovascular system of CT angiography, CT urinary tract imaging of the urinary system and three-dimensional reconstruction of skeletal system and cochlear target and other study. Precious stones energy spectrum CT scan can be early detection lesions, the identification of benign and malignant tumor, removing the metal artifacts, high-definition display vascular and coronary stent and dynamic observation of complex congenital heart disease, but also can reduce the radiation dose. A chest screening dose only amounts to two regular chest x-rays. Low dose chest CT for screening lung cancer was 4-10 times more sensitive than normal X-rays.


MRI examination: Magnetic resonance (MR) introduced from GE company (1.5 T MRI Signa HDxt) with a new generation of 1.5 T MRI system adopts new XT third generation broadband radio frequency system, applying advanced digital radio frequency transmitting/receiving system and the technology, quality inspection images can be obtained quickly, with no contrast agent vascular imaging, cerebral vascular lesions and early screening. 
In addition to the conventional whole body MRI scan and enhancement, also can carry out systemic artery vascular imaging and CE MRA vascular imaging, magnetic resonance (MR) pancreatic angiography, magnetic resonance (MR) breast examination, magnetic resonance urinary tract imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging and other study.


Ultrasound examinations: Sanfine International Hospital medical imaging center has American GE Company modern high performance multifunctional Color Doppler sonography diagnosis equipment; and various systems ultrasound examination and diagnosis can be proceeded including transthoracic echocardiography(TTE), abdomen, gynecology and obstetrics, peripheral blood vessels, and superficial organs such as eyes, thyroid, breasts, and also transvaginal ultrasound scan for uterus and ovaries, and trans-rectum (TRUS) for prostate, transesophageal echocardiography (TEE),  fetal echocardiography, etc. Ultrasound department has a team of experts from domestic well-known experts and experienced ultrasound doctors in top-level hospitals, who have engaged in ultrasonic medical clinical, teaching and research for many years. They can meet one-stop ultrasonic diagnosis demand of the common diseases and difficult or complex diseases of various systems, and provide high quality professional services in both Chinese and English.

Mammography: High-end performance of molybdenum rhodium target introduced the GE company is a double ball tube and double energy breast machine (GE Senographe Essential).It belongs to a kind of low dose X-ray angiography. Which is simple, safe, reliable, high resolution, good repeatability, not limiting by age and size as the breast screening routine inspection. Fully digital advanced performance of molybdenum rhodium target has double ball tube and double breast photography system, in addition to providing high-definition resolution image and local amplification photography. At the same time it makes the exposure dose lower 60%.According to the examination, some precancerous lesions were found and follow-up films were observed. Breast cancer can be detected early on, and can even detect hidden breast cancers that have not been reached clinically;The benign lesions and malignancies of the mammary gland can be reliably identified.


Hysteroscope & Uteroscope: Our Sanfine hospital adopted Japanese Olympus appliance, which possess the beneficial functions of clear image, dual-focusing, wide vision, local stress, magnification observation, narrow-band imaging etc.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Devices: Sanfine hospital chose the state-of-the-art 290 gastrointestinal endoscopy devices from Japanese Olympus company, which possess the functions of clear image, dual-focusing, wide vision, local stress magnification observation, narrow-band imaging etc. And these benefits greatly improve the detection rate of gastrointestinal disease especially for early cancer. The distinctive functions such as endoscopic smart bending, changable rigidity makes endoscopic test become smooth, safe and obviously lower the incidence of complications of gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Dental department: Sanfine hospital adopted Galileo new generation 3D X-ray imaging system for oral cavity from German Sirona company, other devices like flagship CAD/CAM system right by tablet chair, advanced analyzer for decayed tooth which is able to detect latent caries. Next, the clinic queries caught by Sirona CBCT could be moved onto treatment phase. 



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