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Internal Medicine

Our professional medical team will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive medical exam and a full range of preventative screening tests.


The gynecological department specializes in one-stop services for gynecological and complex diseases as well gynecologic surgeries - followed by treatment and rehabilitation.

Dermatology and Cosmetology Center

The Dermatology and Cosmetology center is committed to providing, comprehensive, personalized, professional and safe dermatology, skin care, cosmetic laser and surgery services.

News and Events

Where in Beijing is the Air Quality Index 0

A couple years ago, the Beijing US embassy’s air quality monitor, who independently monitors PM2.5 concentrations and publishes them on Twitter, described the air pollution as “crazy b...
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Sanfine International Hospital cooperates wit...

On January 1st , Sanfine International Hospital and Dr. Smile Medical group signed an agreement to cooperate to open the first PHP model in China. As a result of this cooperation, p...
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