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Sanfine gynaecology specializes in women's complex disease and surgeries, providing patients with one-stop medical service.

Dental Department

Sanfine dental clinic provides painless dental treatment with world class equipment to help reduce risks such as oral inflammation or surgery pain.


Sanfine surgery utilizes minimal invasive techonology, providing assessment and treatment based on accurate diagnosis.

News and Events

多余的服务,本质上是一种干扰 | 善方体检中心

提到常规体检,本能的反应是任人安排地在医院进行一次流水线般的检查,对吗? 千篇一律的笼统体检不仅无法满足差异化的健康需求,想到要面对各种设备检查及化验,禁不住让没毛病...
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Where in Beijing is the Air Quality Index 0

A couple years ago, the Beijing US embassy’s air quality monitor, who independently monitors PM2.5 concentrations and publishes them on Twitter, described the air pollution as “crazy b...
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