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The department of Anesthesiology at Sanfine International Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive, personalized, professional and reliable anesthesiological services for patients from all around the world. Services include pain treatment,first-aid resuscitation and clinical anesthesia for various operations. 

Our Anesthesiology team is composed of both full-time and part-time doctors, who are carefully selected from reputable hospitals all around China. We only use high-quality medicine and state-of-the-art equipment, like GlideScopy from Germany, the new generation I-gel laryngeal mask, Drager anesthesia machine from Germany and Omeda anesthesia machine imported from the U.S., Philips monitors and defibrillator.

The department of Anesthesiology served for central operation rooms, out-patient operation rooms(both have individual PACUs), and painless dental therapy room as well. 

Anesthesiology dapartment can be seen as one of the most critical departments for clinical programs, supporting the clinical anesthesia for the whole operating department and various surgeries, ICU, first-aid resuscitation and pain treatment etc. In the meanwhile, it is available to independently carry out the programs like endotracheal tube (ET), General anesthesia forlaryngeal mask, intravertebral anesthesia, nerve blocking anesthesia, Bier’s anesthesia, diagnosis or treatment under the condition of sedation and analgesia. Also, it’s able to have invasive arterial pressure monitoring and central venous puncture. Independently provide the service of general anesthesia for department of general surgery, urology, orthopaedics, gynecology, beauty clinic and dermotology, ENT, dentistry and painless gastrointestinal endoscope. In addition, there are special solutions for the case of airway difficulty, pediactric, seniors and the patients who have complication. 

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