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Sanfine International Hospital united Beijing Tongren hospital and the presient group in U.S. Ophthalmology Center, to solve the problems of refractive error, eye disease and related consultation, detection, diagnose, rehabilitation. In addition, we are able to provide green channel for transfer treatment. 

Medical Optometry 
• Professional medical optometry service
• High- difficulty Optometry: guide by Tongren optometrist in person
• Comprehensive eye test
• Ophthalmic dispensing
• Orthokeratology dispensing

Eye disease
• Treatment for common eye disease: diabetic fundus disease, glaucoma, cataract, eye traumas, eye surgery etc.
• Green channels: Beijing Tongren Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH)

Myopia surgery
• Corneal topography treatment
• Femtosecond laser surgery 

Our services are not limited to above, welcome for calling: 010-6413 6688


Sanfine Trait Optometry Package

If the myopic glasses you wear are not suited to you, your crystalline lens might overstretch, resulting in negative consequences on your vision. Sanfine International Hospital offers a professional medical perspective to prevent the occurrence of this problem and more, with this package.
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