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Sanfine International Hospital integrates precision levels of expert teamwork in the Ear-Nose-Throat Department (E.N.T). The Otolaryngological Department provides medical services for the majority of patients including various forms of inflammation, trauma, tumor and congenital malformations, relying on international advanced inspection technology, Olympus endoscope imaging system, low temperature plasma minimally invasive treatment system, and advanced surgical devices and equipment.

Hearing tests: deafness genes, pure tone audiometry, acoustic impedance, stapes muscle sound reflection .
Inflammation: otitis external, chronic suppurative otitis media, labyrinthitis
Cancer: pinna and concha, middle ear of benign and malignant neoplasm
Other: tinnitus, deafness, ear trauma, foreign bodies. etc

Allergic Rhinitis: food and inhalion allergen test, 101 kinds of food intolerance testing, nerve block treatment technology by low temperature plasma through nasal endoscope
Nasal Endoscopic Surgery : chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, nasal septum deviation, papilloma of the nasal cavity and nosebleeds, etc.
Early Diagnosis and Follow-up of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: EB virus detection, endoscopic biopsy, and pathological examination

Pharyngeal and laryngeal department
PharynxForeignBody Sensation: neck and thyroid ultrasound, laryngoscope, low temperature plasma minimally invasive ablation, etc.
Sleep Apnea: provide professional analysis and solution
Chronic Pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis and adenoid hypertrophy: low temperature plasma minimally invasive ablation.
Surgical treatment of benign and malignant lesions of vocal cord

Head and neck cancer 
Neoplasm resection of the thyroid  
Resection of superficial lobe of parotid gland 
Resection all kinds of neoplasms of the head and neck

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