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The department of family/internal medicine in Sanfine hospital consists of an experienced medical team with professionals from overseas and Grade A tertiary hospital in China. Equiped with pioneering facilities, we are dedicated to prividing comprehensive medical service, from preventive health care to health management. Our speciaties include preventive  screening tests for early detection of cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions; Consultation and evaluation for cardiovascular medication/vaccination; Lifestyle assessment according to nutrition, stress, achohol, tobacoo and other potential disease. In Sanfine hospital, our customers could enjoy a comprehensive and professional health evaluation, for we serve as your health consultant by scheming a personalized healthcare plan regarding health maintainance and  continuous follow-up treatment.


Diagnosis for common internal disease

● Endocrine disease: diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc.

● Cardiovascular disease: hypertension, hyperlipemia,arhythmia, chest pain, etc.

● Neurology: dizziness, headache, cerebral infraction, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

● Rheumatic immune disease: rheumatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE), osteoarthritis, etc.

● Respiratory disease: pneumonia, asthma,acute and chronic bronchitis,etc.

● Digestive malfunction: diagnosis and treatment for infection of helicobacter pylori, indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain, etc.


Chronic disease management

● Continuous management for chronic disease: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipemia, achohol or drug addiction, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder etc.

● Lifestyle assessment: nutrition, fitness, pressure management, achohol, tobacco, and diagnosis and advice for related causes of physical malaise.


Allergy Clinic service


● Allergen assessement

● Food intolerence detection

● Asthma and other uncertain problem related to immune system

● Allergic rhinitis, eosinophile granulocyte(EOS) related disease

● Immunodeficiency disease(IDD)

● Allergic reactions triggered by insect sting and other causations

● Allergic reactions result from occupation related factors


Travel clinic


● Assessment for immune status

● Consulatation for traveler’s medical issue


Outpatient Surgery


● Incision and drainage of abscess

● Treatment of burn and scald

● Evaluation for trauma and related emergency treatment(such as binding, suture, or fasten etc), and identification for the necessity of specilist transferation

● Procedure for skin wart (liquid nitrogen removal or surgical resection etc)

● Resection for derma or subcutaneous mass/ pathological examination service


Treatment for normal acute disease

● Diagnosis and treatment service for common cold, flu, sore throat,tonsillitis, otitis,abdominal discomfort, respiratory disease, urinary tract infection,chest pain, palpitation, common gynaecological disorder,rash and measles etc.


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